Wrapping Up Our Supply Rotation

Hi everyone, Julia here! We just wrapped up our supply rotation at the Edmonton brewery last week, and now we're in Toronto. Here are some of my highlights of the past 6 weeks:

Location, Location, Location

I had never been in Edmonton prior to this rotation, so I didn't quite know what to expect. Fortunately, Edmonton exceeded my expectations. Here was the view that I woke up to every morning (no filter needed!):

Working for the Mitochondria of Our Brewery

I was so fortunate to be assigned a project related to the powerhouse of our brewery. I got to work with the best group of engineers who very quickly became my go-to resource and support system.

What's great about the projects that were assigned to us was that they were big scale problems with immediate or long term impact to the brewery. Without giving away too much, my project was related to the maintenance of our ammonia compressors. It is critical to ensure that our ammonia equipment are kept at top standards in order to ensure safety; my job was to implement maintenance plans so that these equipment could be kept at such standards.

You could imagine that as a marketing major I had no idea where to even begin. Without prior engineering knowledge, the project certainly put me out of my comfort zone. Don't get me wrong-- that's what made my supply rotation all the more exciting. Each new learning on the equipment was a small milestone for me. It's certainly motivating to see yourself development into a mini-expert in a time span as short as 6 weeks. Our General Manager even half-jokingly said that I knew more about our compressors than he did.

So my advice: if you do get the pleasure to work at the Edmonton brewery, ask to meet the wonderful operators at the powerhouse-- Rod, Garry and Jason! They're the best!

Problem Solving

Throughout this program you'll find yourself being stretched outside your comfort zone. Like I mentioned above, I found myself solving an engineering problem as a marketing grad. Soon, at our sales rotation, the engineers in our group will be exposed to something new. You could imagine, during our supply rotation, we had many ups and downs, trying to solve big problems without a clear solution. So here is a picture of us struggling:

Problem solving over boba

Jokes aside-- although supply wasn't exactly my cup of tea, it was hard saying goodbye to everyone at the brewery. Management and operators alike, I made strong connections and got to connect with them outside of work too. We had a barbecue at the powerhouse, celebrated Rod's birthday-- something I never thought I'd be able to do with our floor engineers. It certainly teaches you a lot about the type of leader you could be as well!

Rod's birthday!

And that's a wrap for my supply rotation experience! Stay tuned for more highlights + learnings from our other GMTs.