That's a Wrap! ...On Rotation #1

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Enjoy some reflections from the 2020 GMTs as our first three months of the program come to a close!

As we wrap up the logistics rotation, I realize that what I’ll miss most about LMW is the people there! Because I filled the shoes of a Group Manager, I got to develop a close relationship with both the transport team and the drivers. No matter what challenges we faced, I could always count on the drivers to crack some jokes or tell me some funny stories. There was really never a boring day! Whether our managers ordered pizza or someone brought doughnuts, there was always something to look forward to & tons of employee engagement efforts. I left Mississauga not only with a broader knowledge of logistics and technical skills – but also lots of memories (and some merch!) Excited for the next adventure at the London Brewery!

- Patti

The past 3 months have taught me what Labatt means when it says, "Challenge Accepted". I was continuously pushed to think outside the scope of my knowledge, thrown into situations I have never experienced before. From optimizing water usage in various processes, to managing an entire department within the brewery, my time in London has accelerated my growth beyond my expectations. I am excited to see what new challenges await at Mississauga!

- Michael

That’s a wrap! Three months have flown by – onto the London brewery to learn about how all this is made. I loved my experience at LMW and I’m going to miss the coworkers I met and grew close to - it was truly a great team to work with. I’m leaving feeling accomplished and proud of the things I was given the opportunity to do. My project, though I cannot divulge too much information, is in place to be used from here on out and that’s something I’m super happy about! Excited to see what the next few months have in store for me.

- Marta

My first GMT placement in London was a whirlwind learning experience and it is bittersweet to see it come to a close! I was fortunate to dive into both ends of the brewery with projects in the Packaging rework area and the Brewhouse inventory control process. Both projects helped me gain an understanding of the day-to-day operations and how different departments of the brewery interact. On top of the technical experience, I also grew quite attached to the teams that I worked with (and the baked goods that were often brought as rewards!). I fully credit my London coworkers for making my three months in a new environment so enjoyable. Although I will miss the pace of work and friendships made, new adventures lie ahead at LMW and I can’t wait to kick off 2021 in a new placement!

- Hannah

And just like that we have finished our first rotation! Working in logistics at the Mississauga warehouse (LMW) was an amazing introduction to Labatt and gave us an in depth look into the complexities of getting beer to our customers. During our time at LMW, my work was focused on increasing our use of data to increase visibility on performance indicators and help us make strategic, data-driven decisions. Working on these projects, I got to work closely with operators, drivers, and back office staff and really see Labatt’s amazing culture on display across all functions of the site. Covid threw some interesting challenges our way during the rotation, most notably switching us to a partly work from home schedule for the final third of the rotation. Initially, I worried this would hinder our logistics experience, but the team at LMW did an awesome job ensuring we remained connected and still got exposure to the operation. Now we are on our way to the home of Labatt, the London brewery, for our supply rotation!

- Jonah

Wrapping up our first rotation was such a bittersweet feeling; I am very excited to be back at the Mississauga Warehouse in Logistics, however, I will definitely miss the challenges and the team I have worked closely with in London. Although I learned so much over the last three months there are a few key takeaways I gained from my time in the brewery:

  1. The brewery is filled with several operators, millwrights, brewers who have devoted their entire career to the brewery and are exploding with experience and knowledge. On site you have the opportunity to capitalize on experience while driving performance results.

  2. I got to see firsthand the value of quality to this organization from raw materials to final product. I am confident that the product our customers receive is of the highest quality when it gets to market.

  3. The values of the organization or displayed strongly at Labatt. In London we witnessed the value of cross-departmental collaboration and the importance it plays on the operational success of the brewery.

I am very glad to have begun my rotations in London and cannot wait to see what else is in store!

- Danielle

Thanks for following along on our journey so far... we cannot wait to share more of our experiences in the new year!


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