Status Update: SUPPLY - Natalie

Hello! My name is Natalie and I’m a Chemical Engineering graduate from Queen’s University and originally from Richmond, VA in the US! We’re currently in Edmonton, Alberta in our Supply Rotation. The 9 GMTs have been all placed together with individual projects within the brewery, as along with shadowing of the packaging department, brewing operations, quality, and logistics in-house.

A little recap of our journey since August –

Our first week we were downtown in our Toronto office for Country Induction. We made first introductions with heads of each of the departments; VP’s of finance, sales, solutions, the high end, etc. and with one another. We listened to most of the presentations in the Pub at the office and learned about pairing beers with food as well as what each business function is responsible for. Nights consisted of team bonding over drinks and a failed escape room attempt.

The next week for Zone Induction, we spent with the American GMTs in St. Louis, Missouri. The trip over was a bit messy and involved an impromptu road trip to Illinois. The mission was well worth it as we spent the day in the BudLight lab and toured the super computer facility at the University of Illinois and learned about the role of big data and analytics in beer.

Journey over to St. Louis, we spend the week with the American GMTs. Shining star of the week was definitely Mick O’Halloran who coached us through brewing bootcamp. Two days and a full deep dive into beer ingredients and types – I can’t believe I got paid to do that. We did further market research in St. Louis that weekend (ie. check out Tin Roof!).

Global Week brought 254 GMTs from every corner of the world and started the Sunday bright and early at 9AM with a design workshop presented by ZX Ventures, our in house start up incubator, to introduce us to our one-week long project. It was such an amazing experience to meet so many international and driven people. I was placed on amazing team (go team Bolivia!) with GMTs from the Asian Pacific, South America, the US, and Europe. During the days we had presentations from the zone presidents and global chiefs. It was amazing exposure and definitely a high energy week. Friday was Brito Day and the CEO of the company came in-person to take a group photo and deliver a speech.

It was absolutely incredible to make connections with so many people across the globe – definitely a humbling experience.

Then the real world hit and we were sent off to Edmonton, AB for our Supply Rotation. The last three weeks had been a grand and big picture of AB InBev; walking into a Labatt Brewery was a frontline and realistic perspective of what that actually looks like. We spent the first two weeks shadowing management and learning about the plant operations while getting started on our projects. We all quickly realized that they were throwing us off the deep-end – they give you a lot as a GMT and expect a lot in return. If you need something; go get it. Show enthusiasm and initiative and there’s no doubt you’ll fit in.

The GMT program is a great opportunity where you can ask for time to learn and build connections with higher level management. Get involved with whatever you can and take the opportunity to understand as much as you can. I’ve really tried to embody this advice that was given to me – working night shifts and talking to operators as much as I can.

Well, as for the next steps: we’ve got another two weeks in Edmonton wrapping up on our projects (I’ll keep y’all updated!) and then we’re off to Toronto to learn about Logistics and for an impromptu meeting with the Board of Directors.


Natalie Wroblewski

GMT Class of 2018

Queen’s University | BASc. Chemical Engineering 2018