Rotation 2: Freaky Friday

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

For Rotation #2, the London GMT's have swapped bodies with the Mississauga GMT's and gotten to see what business is like from the other side.

While we may not be working the exact same roles as Hannah, Michael and Danielle, we still get to meet the same teams and work in the same #LondonProud environment.

For this rotation, we've been assigned both a project and role. We get to create some tools for management to use in the future through our project while getting involved in the day-to-day work through our role. My role here is in the Logistics department, where we coordinate inbound and outbound shipments - everything from glass and materials to full-goods ready to hit the shelves.

It has been a really valuable experience to see logistics from a London perspective, after my experience as a Group Manager in Mississauga. Though they are the same department, the type of work is vastly different and I get to learn which challenges both sides face.

So far, I've implemented a new process for conducting yard checks - removing the inefficiencies of using pen and paper and training a new employee to conduct yard checks and input data directly into a tablet. This has standardized the data to a point where the information is useful on many new levels - for example, we are now able to create a digital map which will update with color coding based on the trailers in each parking spot. #DataIsPower

The rotation is going by super fast, though I'll miss the great people we met in London, I'm also very excited for the next rotation which will be our Global Capstone Projects - more info on that soon!