Kicking off GMT 2019!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Welcome to the GMT blog!

This is where we will be documenting our journey as Labatt Global Management Trainees (GMTs) as the program unfolds. Let’s start with who “we” are: our class is made up of 8 members and you can read all about us by clicking the “Meet the 2019 GMTs” tab above. The purpose of this blog is to give you a glimpse of what it’s really like to be in the GMT program and what we are doing day by day. Whether you are applying yourself, just curious, or one of our parents checking in on us (Hi Mom!) this blog will be the place for you to find up to date information on everything we’re up to.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into week one; Country Induction in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is home to the Raptor’s, Blue Jay’s and Labatt’s Corporate Headquarters, also known as QQT, for it’s killer location at the Queen’s Quay Terminal. Day one started out with a quick group meet and greet in the hotel lobby. Some of us had met previously through internships or the interview process but this was the first time all 8 of us were actually together in a room and it’s pretty surreal to glance around and think that over the next 10 months, we are going to spend literally hundreds of hours working, living and hanging out with each other.

After the initial slightly awkward hellos and trying not to reveal how much we stalked each other on social media beforehand, we set off for work for the first time as a team. Labatt prides itself on its people and it was clear from very early on that everyone in the program is here for good reason. One of the major benefits of this program is the amazing built in support system. We are all facing the same challenges and fears so we are never alone in the way we are feeling.

The first week was jam-packed with presentations from leaders in the company and fun evening activities. Some highlights included:

  • Meeting with Labatt President, Kyle Norrington

  • An office wide Bocce Ball tournament at the Rogers Center

  • Lunch with GMT alumni

  • Presentations by VP's and Directors across all functions of the business

  • A cider pairing dinner at Brickworks Cider House

  • Beer tasting at Goose Island Brew Pub

  • A day trip to the London brewery

The week flew by and our Program Manager, Claire, did a great job of ensuring our first week was both educational and exciting. Next, we hopped on a plane and flew down to St. Louis to join the US GMTs for North American Zone Induction. Stay tuned for that post soon!


The 2019 GMT Class

Office Bocce Ball Tournament at the Rogers Center