Kick-off in Mississauga

Hey everyone! Jonah here. I am one of the 3 GMTs that have had the pleasure of starting off GMT learning about Logistics at the Labatt Mississauga Warehouse (LMW).

When Patti, Marta, and I first stepped into the warehouse we were overwhelmed by the unbelievable amounts of beer at the facility. The warehouse floor is the largest beer storage facility in North America, spanning approximately the size of 7 football fields (~400 000 ft2) and holding up to 30,000 Pallets of product! Our first day kicked off with safety training, followed by a full tour of the facility, the trucking yard, and look inside the new trucks we have added to the fleet.

Marta checking out our new trucks

The first week at LMW helped us learn about the operation through shadowing key roles at the site. We got to sit with the Gate Controller as they managed who came in and out of the yard, strategically positioning trucks to make loading and unloading as easy as possible for floor operators, and checking in and out every driver. We also worked with the Front Line Manager (FLM) as they determined what operators would be loading trucks, who would be constructing pallets, and walking the floor to ensure pallets were being loaded and unloaded safely and positioned correctly. Finally we got to shadow the transportation Group Managers as they planned the routes for our drivers, scheduled third party trucking, and monitored our fleet’s success in delivering on schedule. These first few days highlighted the many moving parts required to get product out to our customers and how essential collaboration between roles is to a successful operation.

Now that we had a better understanding of how beer flows in and out of LMW, we were each assigned specific roles/projects for the duration of this rotation. For my project, I am working with our inventory analysts to automate some of their data analysis processes and working with the transport team to design a tool that lets us assess our delivery KPIs and deep dive on factors that influence our KPIs. These projects have required me to learn a new skill, analyzing and reporting data with Power BI. A taste of my power BI reporting can be seen below.

Now you may notice one of the reasons I love working here at Labatt is the company culture and that is something we have had amazing exposure to at LMW. Despite Covid-19 reducing our contact with colleges, LMW is constantly engaging employees and ensuring the team here stays connected. In the short time we have been here we have already got to take part in an MLB Playoff Bracket, NFL Survivor and Pick ‘Em Pools, a logistics simulation day where we got to compete in teams against other LMW employees, a pancake breakfast, and each received a turkey for Thanksgiving. Our colleges at LMW immediately made us feel like part of the team and have showcased all of the amazing things we were told about the Labatt culture!

We are so excited that Labatt has been able to adapt to the changing times and provide a safe, in-person work environment so we can learn about logistics and delivery in a hands-on way. We have had an amazing start to our rotation and are excited to continue to learn about logistics at Labatt in our time at LMW.