Interview Tips & Tricks - Devon

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Recruiting season comes up fast, and the GMT process goes by even faster (trust me it’s a crazy, fun, challenging, but rewarding experience). So we sat down and compiled a few of our best tips for your GMT 2019 recruiting process:

Know Our Industry and Labatt's 10 Principles

We are big on our culture here. From the making of the beer all the way to our customers, we strive to make sure our culture is a part of everything we do. Know our 10 principles and how they relate to you and your experiences. But it’s not just our internal culture you should know. Make sure you’re up to date on all the happenings in the industry and how they might affect us! Not just direct competitors either – think about everything that could play a part.

Be Yourself

As we mentioned- culture is important to us, if you align with that then we work to teach you the skills to succeed! So be yourself in the interview process and show us how you fit. Does your past experience or summer internship seem very different than Labatt and the GMT process? Tell us what you did and what you learned that taught you about hard work, leadership, teamwork and more – and we got the rest. Remember, the GMT program is cross-functional, so we are looking for a diverse set of experiences from our candidates.

Think outside the box

Don’t be afraid to give a different opinion or go a different direction in a presentation – there are so many candidates, so as long as you can back up your idea, it will definitely help you stand out. We're looking to hire people who are better than us and who can challenge our status quo. What are some things happening in the industry that is an opportunity or threat to us? More importantly, what are some solutions you want to propose? Do not feel like you have to agree to everything a candidate or our staff is saying- we want to hear your insights!

Talk to people

There’s so many opportunities to meet so many other students of different backgrounds and interests, so talk as many people as you can. It’s just as important to meet fellow applicants and form those relationships as it is to network with all the company reps. That being said, there are great opportunities for exposure to many people at the company, so be prepared with thoughtful questions and have fun! Throughout the application process, many members of our team will come out to chat and have a beer with you. They are awesome resources to talk to and learn, so don't miss these opportunities!

Most importantly, have fun. This is an incredible recruiting process in itself, soak it all up and have a good time while you’re at it.