GMT Catch-Up: Sales and Marketing Rotations

Hey guys! It’s been a while since our last blog post. We’re currently in St. Louis, Missouri, birthplace of Budweiser! We’ve spent the last week learning about the back office functions and working on our year-round Build A Brand project. But you’ve missed out on our last couple of rotations…

So let’s get y’all up to speed!

Sales Rotation

After Logistics in Toronto, the group was split up and Devon, Richard, Chen and Lisa headed to the Halifax office while Nicole, Julia, Christian, Artem and I made our way back out west to Calgary.

I’m a big fan of Calgary – a city full of country music, nestled in the mountains, with an enthusiastic hockey team. If you’ve never been to Stampede, you’re definitely missing out. So while, I was excited about the familiarity of Calgary, the newness of a Sales project definitely was intimidating. Nicole, Christian and I were placed on a project together working on sales strategy and trade marketing for a west coast craft brand and an import brand.

It was awesome two business students on my team who knew what was going on, and very interesting to work on a subject much more creative and unbounded than I am used to. It was a nice complement to have different work styles in our team and be exposed to a function in which I knew little to nothing about. After feeling more at home in the brewery, it was a bewildering but stretching experience to not understand which direction to start in. We also shadowed sales reps and worked a trade show during our time in Sales.

I definitely have a better understanding of the function after working with the team in Calgary and a larger respect for the skillsets and analytics that goes behind the scenes of selling beer. It was definitely a valuable experience to see the flipside of how the commercial team operates and the challenges they face after seeing the production side of the company.

But my absolute favorite thing in Calgary was learning how to ski and the amount of hockey games that we went to while in the city. Let me tell you – sales has some great perks. Here are a couple of my highlights from the month and half rotation. Including skiing and hiking trips, a very American Thanksgiving (in which I did not burn down the apartment), the office Christmas party, Flames games, and the trade show we worked:

Marketing Rotation

After Calgary, the team met back up with the Americans in NYC for our Marketing rotation. And if I felt out of sorts for Sales, well, let me tell ya – determining a brand muse and the emotional needs of a consumer is as far away from chemical engineering as you can get. But honestly I loved it and found it really interesting!

We had two weeks of presentations by different brand teams as well as ecommerce, social listening, and insights teams. I didn’t realize the amount of data that goes into determining brand health and consumer trends to create brand spend and new innovations. We also took a trip to Blue Point, one of the craft breweries in Long Island. And after a long arduous week of beer tastings and presentations, we spent the weekends catching up and tearing up the town with our US counterparts.

Some highlights include a NAZ Secret Santa, my sister coming up to visit, the incredible food, and my wallet revolting at the American exchange rate:

Solutions Rotation

So now we’re back in St. Louis, and I’m excited to learn more about the Solutions team and spend the snowy month of January with the 40 of us together in a hotel – its bound to be a fun time. Keep ya posted!