Global Capstone Kickoff!

Hi everyone!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Danielle! I am a University of Calgary grad and was a logistics intern for two summers before joining the GMT program.

After a great six months on the supply/operations side, we are shifting gears to our Capstone projects on various commercial teams. Our supply rotation wrapped up with a three-day Global GMT Capstone event executed by the Global team. Having just wrapped up my rotation at LMW I am excited to take the momentum and satisfaction that came from implementing new systems at the warehouse to other areas of the business!

For the first time since the start of the program, our group will branch off on our own and tackle a new challenges and learning opportunities. As we move to fully virtual work, it is time to tackle a new challenge and grow our learning and skills. We have been placed on various commercial teams and tasked with launching an improvement process or system. Both myself and the rest of my peers are excited to be tackling our new assignments!

I have found myself in a unique position where I will be working on the Marketing PPM team to lead the rollout of a new software that automates the month-end budget processes. My project will allow me to understand not only the process of managing to a budget but also the various expenses that each individual brand team undergoes when planning their brand initiatives for the year. This year, it has been essential for the team to operate with agility due to the unpredictability of our business landscape and safety restrictions. I have also been collaborating with Labatt's FP&A team as well as the Dev. Ops team in the U.S to support in the system rollout. The aspiration is that this will prove to save time and efficiency for both the marketing and finance teams at Labatt.

Capstone projects allows the GMTs to diversify our experience and leave a lasting impact on the organization after only 6 months into the job! I am excited to continue to learn and execute the results for this project alongside the rest of my GMT class.

Capstone projects for the rest of the team include:

Danielle: Marketing - PPM Optimization

Patti: Marketing - Stella At Home

Jonah: Sales Ops - Smart SLA

Hannah: Beyond Beer - Bud Light Seltzer Launch

Marta: PPM - QC Pricing Dashboard

Stay tuned for the results of our projects coming soon!

- Danielle