5 Reasons Why You Should Apply - Julia

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Cheers from Missouri!

Hi there! My name is Julia. I graduated from UBC with a bachelor's degree in Business, specializing in Marketing.

Congratulations for taking the first step to becoming our next Global Management Trainee. My journey so far as a GMT has been nothing short of AMAZING, and here's only five reasons why you should apply:

Support System

Passion for Beer Event in St. Louis! (Left front: our GMT mom)

Between accepting the offer and our first day at Labatt, we had about a 10-month buffer time. During this time, I had a lot of questions about the program and thankfully, I had a great support system to alleviate these uncertainties. My manager (aka our GMT mom) Nicole was always available to answer any questions through email and jumped on a couple of meetings as well -- all before our first day even started. We also each got paired with a past GMT who was available throughout summer to answer any questions we had.

The same amount of support, if not more, continues as you start your career with Labatt. Within the first week, we had senior managers from each department of the organization present to us about the work they do. As an entry level employee, this rarely happens-- especially when you work for one of the largest CPG companies in the world. In the second week, we had Vice Presidents and our CEO, Carlos Brito come out to meet us. Again, not something that would typically happen at a multi-billion dollar company.

As you wrap up your final year in university and enter the work force, a lot can seem daunting. Some of you, like myself, may even have to relocate and create a brand new social network. Thankfully, the GMT program has put me with a group of like-minded, bright people that I can already truly call my friends (Cheesy, I know). I have a GMT mom I can rely on, who regularly checks up on my progress and career aspirations. I also know that I'll always get an answer back when I reach out to top leadership. Humble brag: I'm LinkedIn friends with Brito, our CEO!

Travel All Over North America

Can you imagine meeting 254 other GMTs from across the world, building a brand with them within one week, then presenting in front of top leadership all within your first month of working here? Exciting is an understatement! Check out my colleagues' blog posts for more details on what this looks like.

We're Serious When We Say We Want You to Become the Next Leader

I know, you probably heard it a million times at other recruitment sessions: "You are our future generation of leaders..." Sound familiar? In reality, you are probably expecting to be faced with piles of on-boarding documents, and to be told to figure it all out yourself.

I cannot stress enough how this is not the case with the GMT program. Your interview process will be long and extremely difficult: because we truly want the best of the best, to invest and foster growth in. We expose you to top management (I will be having breakfast with the founding partners in a couple of weeks!) because they genuinely want to see you fill their shoes one day. Your travel budget will be equal to that of our president. You are considered "high potential talent" in our promotion structure, meaning you accelerate faster than others if you can prove your value. So if you're good at what you do-- it's simple. You will be rewarded, no matter your seniority or other unnecessary politics. Hurrah meritocracy!

Exposure to All Aspects of the Business

One thing that I realized in supply, my current rotation, is how crucial it is to gain experience in all aspects of the business in order to become a valuable leader of the organization. Without knowledge and exposure to all functions, it's very easy to make a decision that isn't feasible. For instance, you may decide as a brand manager that your consumers want a star-shaped beer can and propose this as a new product. But as a prior GMT, you would know from your supply rotation that this would be incredibly challenging to find a way to produce beer in star-shaped cans, and hence propose a more realistic, feasible option that still meets consumer needs. Just one example of why cross-functional work experience is so important!

Last but not least, because it's beer!

You get to work with a product that fosters conversation, can be enjoyed with a meal, at parties, with music, and at sports games. That's pretty awesome!