Unexpected GMT Experiences - Lisa

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

My name is Lisa Chen! I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors in Commerce - Marketing.

One of the things about the GMT program is that you really never know what’s going to happen until you find yourself in the middle of the situation thinking “Is this really happening right now?”. Here are some fun stories we’ve been able to experience thus far.

Road trip

Given all the travelling we do through the program, it’s not surprising that unexpected surprises pop up. Right at the beginning of our journey, we found ourselves stuck in Cincinnati at 12am when we missed our connecting flight because of a delay. The following day would be our first day of Zone Induction and so that meant we had to be in a different state by 10am. Fun.

So what did we do?

We woke up at 5am, rented cars and had a road trip by driving 5 hours from Cincinnati to Illinois. We arrived just in time and successfully made it through the day with lots of coffee.

It was definitely an unexpected situation, but I’m really proud of our team for thinking together and here’s a picture of us at the Cincinnati airport at 12:30am. (Don’t we look bomb?)

Night Shifts

Shortly after arriving in Edmonton for our supply rotation, we were told of an exciting project that would be happening while we were in town. Of course, we all jumped to participate and contribute in any way we could. Little did we know… that our enthusiasm would bring us to 3 consecutive night shifts in the following week.

What does it mean to work a night shift?

Well it’s like having jet lag even though you didn’t go anywhere. We would start our shift at 8pm and end our shift the following day at 5am. Lots of coffee, junk food, and playing ping pong in our cafeteria to stay awake.

Even though it was tough, it was an amazing experience and we got to see a different side to the brewery and its operations throughout the night. We met a lot of great operators and learned a lot about packaging. Highly recommend working a night shift!

Powerhouse is Fun!

(Inside of the economizer) (Fire-tube boiler)

Even though we are far from being professional engineers and mechanics, that didn’t stop me from getting my hands dirty throughout our Supply rotation. For my project, I spent a great deal of time in the Powerhouse of the brewery, aka the mitochondria of the whole plant. I worked a lot with our industrial boilers, and during a few inspections I got the opportunity to climb into the economizer on one boiler, and to open and see the inside of another fire-tube boiler. Got a lot of dust and grim on myself, but I wouldn’t have experienced this opportunity otherwise. If you get a chance to climb into a chip tank, see the inside of a fermenting tank, or anything along the lines…don’t be afraid to get dirty and do it!

I can’t wait to continue and make more memories with my GMT family, so keep checking back for more stories!


Lisa Chen