First Day of GMT 2020!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hi everyone! This is Marta reporting back after our very first day as GMTs.

Today consisted of a GMT Kick-Off call with our awesome Talent Manager Danielle, going over a broad spectrum of topics regarding the GMT program. Also, we were lucky enough to speak with Oksana Chuyko, VP of People, who had some incredible advice for us on our first day.

Our chat with Oksana was one that resonated with me like few others have in the past. A lot of her advice was transparent in nature – she did not imply our careers would be rainbows and butterflies until retirement. Oksana admitted in our careers we will endure hardships and that we will feel pressure and instability brought on by changes. However, this was a truth that needed to be said because what she followed it was so important: always remember what you want your legacy to be. Oksana reminded us to stay humble and reminded us that asking for help, even when you know the answer, will always give you another perspective besides your own.

I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions all day. Primarily, I have felt relief – we finished the interview process back in November 2019 and have been looking forward to the start of this job for the better part of nine months. In the span of these nine months, a global pandemic has induced turmoil forcing businesses to rapidly evolve while protecting the safety of their employees. As a result, going into this job that was so well-defined nine months ago it was normal to have questions regarding the content of a program that was going to be so hands-on. Yet, today, I felt relief. I felt supported by the company and our managers. Furthermore, I’m assured that not only has the integrity of the program been maintained, but the Talent Managers have also taken this as a challenge to improve the program; Our global induction is virtual, but the spirit of our leaders and the excitement is still ever-present; We started a month later than our original start date to ensure we are able to report physically to the warehouses and breweries so that we can attain invaluable hands-on experience; We are currently working from home but daily zoom meetings, future mentorship programs and other virtual social events are going to help us stay connected. I am so excited for what is yet to come.

Challenge Accepted.


Logging in to my first Zoom-filled day of on-boarding! - Marta