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Hello! I am Mathieu. I studied Commerce, with a concentration in Finance, at Université du Québec en Outaouais. I am pleased to tell you about our experience in our second rotation, Sales! My text will focus solely on our group formed by Liz, Steven and Rohit in the beautiful city of Halifax. You can learn more about the experience of Philippe, Jean-Pierre, Sam and Paige in Calgary in a second post.

The Halifax team at the Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery. From left to right: Liz, Steven, Rohit and Mathieu.

A Unique Region

So, after a week at the Montreal office, we have arrived in the largest city in the Maritimes for the next seven weeks. I loved Nova Scotia for a number of reasons: welcoming people, long walks along the waterfront in Halifax, timeless Peggy's Cove and the breathtaking scenery of Cape Breton. Not to mention, of course, the original Keith's’ Brewery! It's an understatement to say that the Alexander Keiths brewery is an important part of the community here.

From the first days of the rotation, we jumped into the car and explored the Nova Scotian market. The beer here is sold in the NSLC government stores, which is quite a different experience from what I find in Montreal. We spent time with the team in the field to understand the ins and outs of this market, but also what makes them successful as a team. We also had the chance to briefly discover the Moncton market. Again, even just 3 hours away, you have a totally different dynamic.

In addition to spending time in the field, we have been assigned important projects for the region, through which we will not only learn but also deliver results. That's what makes the GMT program unique! At Labatt, you’ll never run out of challenges, as we always put ourselves out of our comfort zone. As Carlos Brito, our CEO, once said, “the only way to know about your potential is to remain challenged”. That’s why it is the best company! Without forgetting our "Build-a-Brand" project, which we complete through all this as well.

Wondering what our life looks like outside the office? Obviously, work is important, but we take full advantage of the opportunity to be in a new region to discover it fully. First weekend, hop to Cape Breton Highlands National Park to discover breathtaking scenery. Blow of heart for the Skyline Trail, which is aptly named! Our

seven weeks were also dotted with day trips at Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, Wolfville, Scot's Bay, and others. Not to mention the famous Halifax pubs on Friday nights, like the Lower Deck! We experienced one of the nicest arenas of Canada's junior hockey during a Halifax Mooseheads game! Finally, we also had the opportunity to attend Barack Obama’s speech at Scotiabank Center, which as been a great experience. Week nights were usually calm, as we are all doing our usual stuff: gym, walks on the waterfront, Netflix, reading or even more work!

In short, after almost 4 months in the program, it is confirmed more and more: to be a GMT is certainly very demanding on many levels, but when you take the distance, you realize that not only are we learning about the company, but we are immersed in the local culture and meet a variety of inspiring people. What better to start your career?