Back to the Lou

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hi Everyone! It’s Mathieu. So, time to come back to work after a holiday break which allowed us to spend precious time with our families and friends. Our next stop was St. Louis, for a second stay in the Midwest. While a wall of warmth and humidity welcomed us last August, it was rather a mild temperature that awaited us here.

During our two-week stay here, we will learn about different parts of the company such as Solutions, Procurement, Logistics and a few days reserved for our “Build-a-Brand” project.

St. Louis Brewery’s famous Budweiser sign

Solutions, or how to overturn preconceived ideas

Before this week, the only contact I had with the Solutions team was when I needed to fix an IT problem. With limited knowledge, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this department and their critical importance in the future development of our technological capabilities. Whether in terms of IT architecture, integration of new technologies, transformation, Solutions are important players in the technological shift that AB InBev is undertaking.

Procurement: no beer without raw material!

The importance of the procurement department comes down to that, among other things. They make sure they always have the right resources, in the right place and at the right price, so that our breweries can produce quality beverages at competitive prices. We also practiced our negotiation skills in different activities!

Blues City Deli - best sandwiches in town!

Logistics: more than moving products from A to B

Again, after having an overview of our Zone Logistics, I realize there is so much to know there. It’s all about optimizing our networks to be the most time and cost efficient. With so many breweries, distribution centers and wholesalers (in the US), it can be quite a task! Logistics can also play a big role in our desire to cut our CO2 emissions in the next few years, and they are putting resources to help reduce our carbon footprint as a company.

Out in the market and testing our ideas!

Build-a-Brand: from analysis to prototype

For several months, we have been working, through our other projects and occupations, on the Build-a-Brand project. After spending several weeks communicating with our consumers, understanding their needs and limitations, we have come to identify a consumer problem. This being done, we have taken the next step, the ideation of ​​the product! This part is certainly one of the most fun of the project, since that's when we try a lot of things; we must innovate! So we started to concoct all kinds of products and variations in the kitchen of our hotel, in order to identify a concept that will be interesting to develop. To be continued!

So this is our St. Louis stay in some words, now is the time to fly to Toronto and start our 2 ½ months project at our Canadian Head Office! Stay tuned for more news!