From 29 Countries and 120+ Schools, 174 GMT's Meet Virtually

Hi everyone, my name is Danielle and I am a member of the 2020 GMT class. I was also an intern and am so excited be starting my career at Labatt! I am writing this as we have just wrapped up our global induction week. This has been a long-anticipated event for me as well as the rest of the class for the opportunity to hear from ABIs global senior leaders and get to meet our peers from all around the world. For obvious reasons, this year fell under unique circumstances and the conventional induction which takes place in St. Louis wasn’t feasible. Luckily, the talent program management team did an incredible job at organizing and executing the first ever virtual induction.

The week was jammed pack with A-list ABI global officers and leaders. On our first week we stood privy to stories, advice and understanding of what ABI strategy looks like at all levels and areas of the organization. The wealth of knowledge and experiences we were able to hear about makes me confident in our groups abilities to take on the challenges that will soon begin in our new roles. I have listed below some of the highlights from the week.

Day 1- Welcome to the GMTS

From the first day we logged on to the zoom meeting room to be welcomed by so many other enthusiastic individuals. As most of the Canadian class is in Eastern Time zone, we were lucky to login at 9am (except for poor Michael still in B.C). There were individuals from all six of our zones, different cultures, languages, and accents all welcoming us and feeling of inclusiveness to the group. Fitting to this theme was our first presentation of the day from Maribel Zorilla, Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion. The day was then followed by a Sales Overview by Lucas Herscovici.

Day 2- Dream, People, Culture

Arguably the highlight of the week came given the opportunity to hear from our CEO. Britto passionately spoke through our ten principles and was able to share with us his experiences and hopes for the company and how he hopes it will translate to our success. This portion was also valuable given the opportunity to ask questions at the end. We were all blown away with the insightfulness Britto shared with our team and how he was always able to tie it back to our founding 10 principles of culture.

Day 3- Artic Adventure and Passion for Beer

The third day of induction provided us with the most opportunity to interact with one another. We were welcomed by individuals from Microsoft Teams. Dropped in the middle of the artic virtually we were challenged to work individually and then as a team to prioritize our supplies to help us survive. As Canadians we were expected to be the subject matter experts and can conclude we did not quite live up to our proposed Canadian stereotypes. We ended the day with an enthusiastic and insightful understanding of the different beer types through our Passion for Beer Event. Although we were intimidated with the mandatory six-pack at 11am the day was extremely insightful. (and we only had one Budweiser)

Day 4: Procurement and Sustainability

Although all the speakers were incredible Tony Milikin, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer joined us from his road trip to speak to us about the initiatives he is streamlining with him and his team. Not only did we get to meet Tony but his wife and two German Shepherds made an appearance. Tony’s passion for ABI was clear seeing as he took the time with us despite him being on vacation. Following this we heard from Canada’s own Lindsey King about people development in the organization as well as Pedro Earp from Marketing and ZX Ventures. This was the perfect way to close out the session. Following this we met with the rest of the NAZ team individually for a beer over zoom before heading into the long weekend.

We are so excited to have wrapped up our first week and are very excited and proud to be apart of ABI !

-Danielle D’Aoust